What we are good at

Manuscript writing:
Everything from autobiographies, novels, how-to, finance and business books.

Manuscript editing: The object is to be understood, as well as to effect a correct and powerful appearance in written communications. Yes, we can repair sentences, put the commas where they ought to be, fix the spelling and generally make it seem that you got "A"s in our native language. Beyond that, it's a matter of coherence, consistency in style, and appropriate formatting. Communicate the content of the message, but don't overlook the style and intangibles of the message. You're a powerful individual. Communicate powerfully.

Manuscript publishing: Once we've written your work, then we collaborate with one of our self publishing partners to manufacture and publish your work. They can do a press run from one individual copy to a hundred thousand. Separate financial arrangements must be made with our publishing partners.



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